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my sister.

my sis ter and i were alwys so close . we loved each other very much.
when we were kids growing up we played together and went places together.
Oh we  did  have our little dissagreements like  all kids do. but it only made us closer still
when we looked back on those time and laughed about it  when we were older .
her name  was Judith Anne.i love her so much still.she had a cancer and suffered much.
She  slipped quietly away one night and i still miss her so. She was  my babysister . I guess thatsays it all.

what happened after we got the fish home.--part2

between the two of us we had about 120 friend said you can have mine too. it was fun catching them but i don't want to have to clean all those i dumped the fish in the kitchen sink and began cleaning them.
after i had cleaned about a hundred or so mydad came home from work and was amazed. he said where did you catch all those fish, so i told him how they were bighting like crazy at the old quarry . he took my mom and my sister and went fishing too. after a while they returned and had about 200 more fish. we cleaned all those fish too.
then our sunday school superintendent and his wife and two daughters stopped by and we told them and they also went fishing. to make a long story short we ended up withmore than 600 fish that day.
we called everyone we knew neighbours and sunday school friends ,and people my dad worked with and we invited them all to a giant fishfry.every body brought something to eat and we had bread and fish and slaw and potato salad, ear corn , jello . acouple of people brought ice cream freezers along and we had home made ice cream too. all i all we had a couple of hundred people there at that fishfry and all because a couple of young boys decided to go fishing on an early spring morning.
the really pathetic thing about it is that you could offer  that same kind of party now days and next to nobody would show up. people just don't do that anymore. too bad too.  My mood: very contemplative

a kids fishing story part1

about  this time (early in the spring) i and a young friend also about my age(11) set out early one

morning to go fishing. we didn't have a lot of fancy or expensive  fishing poles . just some cane poles and a couple of fishing rods with single action reels on them. we walked a couple of miles down the road to an old abandoned rock quarry. we had fished there be for and although it didn't have any really big fish in it we knew therewere a myriad of brim and sunfish there and with the spring  sun shine warming up the waters we hoped we might catch a few.

when we arrived  at the quarry it was still early in the morning and there was still a bit  of a nip in the air.

but gradually it began to warm up. we fixed  our hooks and bobbers to our poles and baited them up and began fishing. at first we didn't seem to be having much luck but as the sun climbed higher in the sky and it began to get warmer we started catching a fish once in a while..some of the fish we were catching were so small we threw them back . but pretty soon we started catching som fair sized keepers .we put them on a stringerand soon had almost a stringer full apiece.

we were about ready to call it a day when i got a bite on one of my poles and began to reel it in. the water in this quarry was crystal clear and you could see the fish in the water down to several feet. the line on my pole had a tiny sinker on the end of it and a hook about a foot above it and the bobber was about 8 inches above that.i was reeling that single action reel like mad(afraid if i let up the fish would get off the hook) then i saw another fish chaseing that tiny sinker like he thought it was  some escaping prey.just befor i had them right up to the bank i let up just a tiny bit and that trailing figh bit  that sinker and with a shout of glee i pulled both of them out . we were a couple of happy kidstrailing all those fish behind us as we made our way home  with our prizes. 

My mood: very cheerful

i lived in northcarolina for 20 years.

In 1967 i had just come thru and aout of a really bad  divorce. one day i decided that
I had suffered enough thru it all and i just had to get away from it all so one day i got  on a bus and just rode as far away as i could  get from the old  home town.
Afew days later i reached the end of my ticket. I got off and found my self in Raleigh
North Carolina.I was nearly broke and very hungry. I stopped in a small lunch counter and had a couple of sandwiches  and then began walking looking for a place to stay.
Inoticed a sign saying sleeping room  for rent and found it tobe a tnny room in a was  very cheap tho and i paid for a week and started looking for a job.Fortunately i found a job the  next day and started working . In a couple of weeks i had  enough money to move out of the basement room and Rented a much nicer place in a better neighborhood. There was a small Church not far away and i thought  that it might provide an opportunity to meet some new people as i knew  noone in this city at all. I did meet some nice people and eventually  met  someone and married again.


i was born in 1939just after Hitler invaded fathr was drafted and went to camp callen california for his military training.this took a couple of years in the time line of the he was getting ready to be shipped overseas and my mother wanted to go out there to see him befor he left.i was by this time about 4 and ahalf years old and she decided to take me along.we boarded the denver zephyer at a local stop and it was packed to the rafters with young soldiers going west to california also. i think i was the only little kid on the train and the guys really took to me, they gave me candy and soda pop and popcorn.til my mother thought sure i was going to be sick.(but i wasn't)we got to california and there was not any place to be had to stay.we finally got a sleeping room in a friend of my dads parents house in a small town about 10 miles from the army camp. it was right on a high cliff over looking the pacific.we did get to go to the army camp several times .back then they would let civiliens go right to the barracs to visit.this is where the story gets good.i was welcomed by the soldiers in the barracs just as i had been by the guys on the was here that i saved the lives of 400 men.i gave them the measles.they were quarentined for four the meantime all the rest of the battlian shipped out and went to the philipines.after heavy fighting and many casulties they took the islands.four weeksafter my dads group arrived after all the fighting was over so none of them were killed. so i took credit for saving their lives and the lives of  their decendents too who might never  have been born otherwise.

addendem--- I missed  christmas  that year. really never thought about it till much later.

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