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i was born in 1939just after Hitler invaded fathr was drafted and went to camp callen california for his military training.this took a couple of years in the time line of the he was getting ready to be shipped overseas and my mother wanted to go out there to see him befor he left.i was by this time about 4 and ahalf years old and she decided to take me along.we boarded the denver zephyer at a local stop and it was packed to the rafters with young soldiers going west to california also. i think i was the only little kid on the train and the guys really took to me, they gave me candy and soda pop and popcorn.til my mother thought sure i was going to be sick.(but i wasn't)we got to california and there was not any place to be had to stay.we finally got a sleeping room in a friend of my dads parents house in a small town about 10 miles from the army camp. it was right on a high cliff over looking the pacific.we did get to go to the army camp several times .back then they would let civiliens go right to the barracs to visit.this is where the story gets good.i was welcomed by the soldiers in the barracs just as i had been by the guys on the was here that i saved the lives of 400 men.i gave them the measles.they were quarentined for four the meantime all the rest of the battlian shipped out and went to the philipines.after heavy fighting and many casulties they took the islands.four weeksafter my dads group arrived after all the fighting was over so none of them were killed. so i took credit for saving their lives and the lives of  their decendents too who might never  have been born otherwise.

addendem--- I missed  christmas  that year. really never thought about it till much later.

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Posted on 11:03PM on Jan 25th, 2010
Wow, that was a great story. Everyone has a purpose in life. Maybe that was yours. I believe you did save all those people.... Nice job...
Posted on 03:25PM on Jan 26th, 2010
during that time there were a lot of interesting things going on. once some of the men were talking and laughing about the major that they had seen with a young chick on his knee. later i happened to be there when the major came by and i piped up and asked him if he was the one the guys were talking about haveing a chicken on his leg.
ha ha talk about little pitchers having big ears.
Posted on 08:19PM on Jan 27th, 2010
the house where we stayed was in a (then)small sleepy little wide place in the road sort of town.with a grocery store and gas station combination. a few houses a bar and that was about it.lajolla -pronounced la sat on a high cliff along the coast hiway south of camp pendelton.
once when no one was looking i climed down that cliff and watched the seals on the rocks by the ocean.ha ha i hope i didn't give them the measles tho. yes i was still sick with measles but i was so tired of being cooped up in that upstairs bedroom. after while they came looking for me and had a fit because i had climed down that cliff all by my self and with a high fever besides. oh well that the way little kids are i guess.
Posted on 02:21PM on Jul 24th, 2010
Posted on 06:32AM on May 8th, 2011
Good. Nice account............. :)
Posted on 02:15PM on Apr 17th, 2013
I really enjoyed reading this. What a memory to cherish! Quite an adventure. Hope we can talk about it sometime.
Posted on 03:40PM on Apr 17th, 2013
anyone that would like to chat sometime -my e-mail and chat is
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