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about  this time (early in the spring) i and a young friend also about my age(11) set out early one

morning to go fishing. we didn't have a lot of fancy or expensive  fishing poles . just some cane poles and a couple of fishing rods with single action reels on them. we walked a couple of miles down the road to an old abandoned rock quarry. we had fished there be for and although it didn't have any really big fish in it we knew therewere a myriad of brim and sunfish there and with the spring  sun shine warming up the waters we hoped we might catch a few.

when we arrived  at the quarry it was still early in the morning and there was still a bit  of a nip in the air.

but gradually it began to warm up. we fixed  our hooks and bobbers to our poles and baited them up and began fishing. at first we didn't seem to be having much luck but as the sun climbed higher in the sky and it began to get warmer we started catching a fish once in a while..some of the fish we were catching were so small we threw them back . but pretty soon we started catching som fair sized keepers .we put them on a stringerand soon had almost a stringer full apiece.

we were about ready to call it a day when i got a bite on one of my poles and began to reel it in. the water in this quarry was crystal clear and you could see the fish in the water down to several feet. the line on my pole had a tiny sinker on the end of it and a hook about a foot above it and the bobber was about 8 inches above that.i was reeling that single action reel like mad(afraid if i let up the fish would get off the hook) then i saw another fish chaseing that tiny sinker like he thought it was  some escaping prey.just befor i had them right up to the bank i let up just a tiny bit and that trailing figh bit  that sinker and with a shout of glee i pulled both of them out . we were a couple of happy kidstrailing all those fish behind us as we made our way home  with our prizes. 

My mood: very cheerful

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