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between the two of us we had about 120 friend said you can have mine too. it was fun catching them but i don't want to have to clean all those i dumped the fish in the kitchen sink and began cleaning them.
after i had cleaned about a hundred or so mydad came home from work and was amazed. he said where did you catch all those fish, so i told him how they were bighting like crazy at the old quarry . he took my mom and my sister and went fishing too. after a while they returned and had about 200 more fish. we cleaned all those fish too.
then our sunday school superintendent and his wife and two daughters stopped by and we told them and they also went fishing. to make a long story short we ended up withmore than 600 fish that day.
we called everyone we knew neighbours and sunday school friends ,and people my dad worked with and we invited them all to a giant fishfry.every body brought something to eat and we had bread and fish and slaw and potato salad, ear corn , jello . acouple of people brought ice cream freezers along and we had home made ice cream too. all i all we had a couple of hundred people there at that fishfry and all because a couple of young boys decided to go fishing on an early spring morning.
the really pathetic thing about it is that you could offer  that same kind of party now days and next to nobody would show up. people just don't do that anymore. too bad too.  My mood: very contemplative

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Posted on 10:53AM on Mar 17th, 2011
sounds like a lot of fun,,catching and eating,,
Posted on 09:10PM on Mar 16th, 2012
I love fishing it is my favorite thing to do. but i have started alot of catch and release partly because i have a knack for catching and not just fishing my dad taught me how to find the fish so i rarely come home empty handed and cleaning them aint as fun as catchin em plus it got to the point we were catching more than we were eating so i dont keepp em all now but i always keep the first one of the day a little superstistion dad always said if you dont keep the first keeper you wont catch anymore. lol
Posted on 10:51PM on Mar 16th, 2012
yeah we were just kids. and the sunfish were not real big but there were thousands of and my friend
jimmy caught 120 between us and my dad and sister caught another friend s from church caught a few hundred more.we cleaned fish all evening and the called every one we knew and over a hundred people came to the park to have a fish fry. they brought covered dishes and every one had a good time.

kind of reminded me of the fishes and loves mentioned in the bible.
Posted on 02:07AM on Jul 8th, 2013
as i said befor people are so appathetic about things,you couldn't give that kind of picnic feast and have hardly anyone show up. I wish that things were like they used to be when i was a young boy.People were so much more friendly and loving and careing then than they are now.
I wonder what happened to change all that.
Posted on 01:38PM on Nov 19th, 2014
Wow,Impressive,Aniowagirl. 120 fish. That is a record. I have never caught nearly that many myself. Luck was with you that day. Good story and i hope to read even more of your written stories later this month, if i am not tied up.
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